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Welcome to Apex Art Tattoo Studio where our aim is to teach you the ancient art of tattooing. In our friendly no rush environment, you will learn and master all the techniques needed to succeed in the industry.

Our prolific, comprehensive course is delivered by our skilled instructors on a one to one basis from beginner to advanced. No matter what your skill level we have a proven record that the training works, from beginner to intermediate the course takes you on a journey of development that leads to you Tattooing live models within 2 weeks moving to advanced and working as a professional tattoo artist within 30 to 60 days.

Do you... ?

  • Want to be a tattoo artist, but you don't know how to start.
  • No drawing skill
  • Looking for a new career that can earn money and have more relax time.
  • Have a lot of free time! And seek for some activity that utilize your time to make more money.
  • Looking for tattoo school with the good services in the worthy price !

What are you waiting for? Learning with APEX ART is your answer!

  Our tattoo trainers are able to train you to be professional and have the real tattoo experiences.
  We changed a lot of normal students who have no skill to be the tattoo artists that can earn money.
  Learning both of theory and practice in eyes of our trainers for giving suggestion immediately.
  A varied of tattoo courses which are different in term of tattoo equipment, skill after finished, learning duration, and budget.
  Free Workshop to recall your tattoo skill & knowledge every month without more payment.
  Free tattoo kit after paying for tuition fee.
  Real tattoo working and may earn during you learn.
  Friendly class like your family
  Certificate after graduation can be used as reference to request for Health Hazardous Business (Tattoo and Piercing) at Department of Local Administration that your business is located. (Please refer to your local health/government agency)

Learning Traditional Thai Bamboo Tattoo


This is Thailand's ancient traditional style of tattooing.

Class Date & Time: 10:00 - 19:00 on Friday - Sunday
Learning Duration: 30-60 days (8 hrs a day)

Learning Machined Tattoo

"All level can start from basics. But skill after finishing course and price will be different."

Basics Minimal Tattoo Course

Learn Tattoo in minimal style.This beginner course is 15 days of intense study , designed to give you the basics of body tattooing this course is ideal for anyone visiting Thailand and wants to learn the art of tattooing but has not got the time.

Class Date & Time: 10:00 - 19:00 on Tuesday-Sunday
Learning Duration: 15-30 days (8 hrs a day)

Professional Body Tattoo Course

This is the most popular course of Apex Art. After finished this course, you can tattoo and earn your money. We recommend at this level if you need to be in the tattoo career.

Class Date & Time: 10:00 - 19:00 on Tuesday - Sunday
Learning Duration: 30-60 days (8 hrs a day)

Advanced Tattoo Artist Course

This course will learn about tattoo and plus with art and design skills. If you are the real biggest fan of tattoo, we recommend this course. After finished, you can create your tattoo design and earn more money.

Class Date & Time: 10:00 - 19:00 on Tuesday - Sunday
Learning Duration: 30-60 days (8 hrs a day)

Learning Progress


11 days 10 am - 6 pm (approx. 80 hrs)

You will learn...
-  Tattoo machine (coil & rotary) set up, running speeds
-  Skin types and the effect tattooing has on the skin
-  Lining, shading, dot work
-  How to draw and stencil, preparing the skin for tattooing
-  Health & safety, cleanliness of yourself & working environment
-  After care of your tattoo


18 days 10 am - 6 pm (approx. 144 hrs)

Learn more about...
- How to mix inks, advanced shading techniques
- Tattooing live canvass models (under instruction)


30 days 10 am - 6 pm (approx. 240 hrs)
You can learn until day 60 to make sure you are confident in your ability!

Learn more about...
- Regular tattooing of live models under instruction, earn as you learn!


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Andreas Sweden

When a broken hand forced a change of career I looked at many tattoo courses around the world. Apex where eager to help plus the course was a brilliant price and taught in English.

I had studied art at University so I had an idea of what was to come.

The course takes you on a journey of learning which I believe is second to none

I am now tattooing as a professional and would highly recommend Apex art tattoo they are more than just a tattoo academy they are family.

Mawan Kuwait

I can touch that all of the tattoo trainers here intend to teach me.  This academy is very fantastic like it is tattoo artist family.  Tattooing is not easy at all, but the trainer teaches calmly and understandingly. So my tattoo skill has been developed since the first day I learnt. When I look at my friends here, who started the course before me. They inspire that one day I'll be the professional tattoo artist like them. Thanks to Apex Art for teaching tattoo skills.

Stefano Italy

My name is Stefano. I’m from Italy. I came here to start learning tattoo. I’d like to become a professional tattoo artist. And with their help I’m doing great process, do it better. So, I would like everybody to look at the website or Facebook. They’re friendly and see how nice they are starting from Facebook or Website. So I’ll see you here.


"Our academy is near Don Muang Airport, Bangkok TH.
It locates on the entrance of Soi. Nawong Pracha Pattana 15."


Class Deposit 50%  Pay the left amount
when you arrived our academy.

Class Deposit: 50%


Recipient Account Name: APEX ART
Account Number: 058-8-03527-9
Branch: Robinsan Srisaman