Professional Body Tattoo Course

This intense course will give you all the skills needed to succeed in your new career, we take you on a journey of learning in a relaxed chilled environment with one on one instruction, focusing on safety & cleanness during tattoo work, sharp outline, smooth light and shading, and fresh colouring techniques.  If you started from no skill at drawing, we also teach drawing which is basics skill of art too.  You will also be taught to design your tattoo art from computer programs like Photoshop and Illustrator. This course is perfect for foreigners as it is taught in English & Thai.

Learning Duration: 30-60 days (8 hrs. a day)

Course Outline

1. If you never have drawing skill before, we also teach drawing and design which is basics skill of art for 6 days.

–  Basics Shape Drawing
–  Human Face Drawing

–  Light & Shading

–  Hot & Cool Colors Application

–  Complementary Colors Application and Color Composition

–  Color Palette Design

– Re-Form & Fix-Form Drawing Technique
–  Making and Understanding of Material Texture Drawing
–  Basics of Art for design and composition of work

2. Learn about tattoo to be a professional tattoo artist that reach safety & cleanness standard while your clients are also satisfied your work.

–  Training about safety and cleanness during all tattoo process
–  Sharp Outline Technique
–  Coloring Techniques
–  Smooth Light & Shading Techniques
–  Dot Tattoo Techniques
–  Minimal Tattoo Technique
–  Mock up your design by using computer graphic programs like Illustrator and Photoshop
–  Tattooing of live human models
–  Training about Consulting Systems before and after tattoo

Note:  Our course outline is flexible depends on learner skills before enrollment. If you have some basics skill and need to develop, you can tell our trainers’ directly.

What you will get are…

1. Tattoo Starter Kit worth  (2,500 THB)
2. Free Workshop 1 time/month
3. Certificate after graduation can be used as reference to request for Health Hazardous Business (Tattoo and Piercing) at Department of Local Administration that your business is located. (Please refer to your local health/government agency)
4. FREE SERVICE for 1 month which are…
– Accommodation (Choose between Marisa House or Champs-Élysées Condominium)
– Interpreter
– Round-trip Shuttle Car Service

Course Price (FREE services for 1 month)

This price is including course and also FREE service  for 1 Month with the Real Price. And these are extend services you’ll get from us.
– Accommodation (Choose between Marisa House or Champs-Élysées Condominium)
– Interpreter
– Round-trip Shuttle Car Service